Monday, September 22, 2008

LLS Fundrasing page from 9/4/08

Here's what it said on my LLS Fundraising page from 9/4-9/20

I am running in the PF Changs Marathon as a member of T/he Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's (LLS) Team In Training in honor of my grandfather. That's him in the picture (guess which one's me). We are holding our Christmas presents. And wearing gloves. I don't know.

Dad's update:
"The Christmas photo on yer website: You've got the gloves on because your Granny knit those gloves for you guys as part of your Christmas gifts. I think I have seen one of those floating around the house in recent years. She also knit us hats with our names woven in the yarn. I think that was Christmas 1983*, I will have to look through the other picts until I find one with a date to make sure, Granny was often dating the photos on the back."

*corrected 9/20/08

More from my Dad and pictures of my PaPaw here.

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Thank you, Pajiba!

I hope the wonderful writers and readers of will accept this Laurel and Hardy handshake for donating over $500. Pajiba: scathing reviews, b*tchy people, big hearts.

Thank you for donating. YOU are a hero.
The answer to the question "how's the training going"?

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