Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Red Baron Half-Marathon

This training stuff is great. My training partner, Sujini, and I ran the Red Baron Half-Marathon in Corning on Sunday. It was difficult, but we were prepared. Today I was able to run six miles. Only two days after running a hill-filled 13.1 miles, that is amazing! I ran a half marathon in 2006 after training on my own, and I was hunched over, limping and in pain afterward, in no shape to run. If anyone out there is looking for a reason to join Team in Training - the training plan really, really works.

We registered at the last minute, but still got a T-shirt. They provided gels and string cheese along the course. String cheese! That is a first. Lots of water, of course, but no Gatorade. The race is to raise money for the Spencer Crest Nature Center, and the volunteers were very enthusiastic and encouraging, so it must be a good cause.

I took a picture of the green race shirt, but I can't find the cable for the digital camera. Bummer.

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